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There have been a lot of things on my mind lately....One is my weight! I lost a lot of weight when my doctor put me on some weight loss meds and I done great for over a year! I have been off the meds since April of last year and havent been on a scale...I was so scared! I took my son on vacation and had to be weighed for a ropes course and when I got on the scale I almost cried! I have gained back every pound I had lost.... My major down fall soda!~ Mt. Dew all of them! Something has got to change though... I have noticed that when I staned up I get a little light headed I'm afraid it might be my blood preasure! So I have a major reason to lose the weight I just dont think I'm strong enough!

With the guys in my life.... The ex that I have talked to in the past....we talked for a while and got kindda close..just online. We talk almost everyday for about two weeks, things got a little personal and he started acting like I was bothering him with short snappy replys so I took a hint and stopped talking to him except for the occasional "How's school?"....As for my husband bf...Idk It isn't going anywhere and I dont plan for it tooo..I guess that's just one of those things that will just have to be! In the last weeks though he is doing better and not doing all the drugs he has been and acting ALOT better...I have caught my self making eye contact on purpose letting him know I really am paying attention when he speaks to me. As for everyone else things are just about the same...........I wish someone would read this and throw some advice my way!
My mood: a bit bummed

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